Purvis Jewelry Candles

Rings and bracelets


At Purvis Jewelry Candles, we've rooted our reputation behind the excellence of our products: scented, natural candles with an element of surprise -- jewelry. We believe in the power of calming fragrances that can literally transform any space. Paired with high-end jewelry, you'll soon see why our candles have become a rising commodity that everyone wants in their home.

Our candles are 100% natural and made of smooth, soy wax for a fresh scent without any harmful fragrances. Our candles include many kinds of gemstones, from diamonds to beautifully simulated gemstones in mediums that include gold, sterling silver, titanium and more. It's a delightful surprise that you can enjoy even as you wait. Ideal for gifts, fundraisers or just a treat for the home, be sure to get your very own enchanting jewelry candle today!